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Cyber Sleuth is digital defence and cyber security consultancy and implementation firm. Comprised of cyber security specialists delivering secure, trusted and integrated protection services, Dark Matter has the proven integrity, intelligence and cyber security capabilities to safeguard large organisations, critical infrastructure. We are a new firm with a sole focus on cyber security.


We protect governments and enterprises from the ever-evolving threat of cyber-attack. We offer an end-to-end solution of products and services, ranging from advisory, assessment and implementation to managed services, and software and hardware solutions.

We provide security consulting and strategy; perform intrusion detection and testing.


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At Vara United, we provide diverse solutions catering to the BFSI Industry which includes Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Application Services and Infrastructure Management services (IMS).


  • Managed Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Cyber Audit and compliance
  • Cyber Network Defence
  • Cyber Forensics Lab
  • Social Engineering Services
  • Cyber Intelligent Services
  • Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs)
  • Crowd Based Crime Reporting App
  • Cyber Security Training Academy


Because digital and electronic networks are by their nature always “on”, monitoring potential cyber threats to these networks, systems and the assets linked to them is a 24/7 assignment.

In response, some organizations have implemented their own 24 hour, automated software-led or human-led cyber surveillance systems. These Security Operations Centres (SOCs) are more effective than passive cyber security monitoring systems, and position an organisation to prepare for, and to act more quickly and more effectively against, an attack or other security incident.

A SOC also makes it more likely that an attack will be identified sooner, thereby limiting lateral movements across a network and reducing the damage.

However, this is neither optimal nor practical for many other organisations that nevertheless must mitigate these types of risks.


Cyber Sleuths Managed Security Services provides solutions that include around-the-clock, on premise and remote monitoring, remediation and resolution services that draw on the full scope of Cyber Sleuths capabilities and resources.

We also provide advisory and design consulting to organizations developing their own SOC operations.

In addition to the core SOC solutions, we offer a range of more specialized managed services, including:

  • Advanced data protection
  • Insider threat protection
  • Governance, risk & compliance monitoring
  • Application Security on Demand
  2. This service manages data in transit, at rest, in-use and in backup. Our solutions use cloud-ready data tokenisation, encryption, masking, access controls, and monitoring from the application to the file system levels, and support a wide variety of platforms and applications.

    Solutions provide for centralised key management, hardware-based protection for root certificates, and compatibility with external and national PKI certificate authorities.

  4. By tying events to users across the organisation, we identify high-risk user profiles, and provide scoring and prioritisation of suspicious behaviour. This addresses not only social-engineering driven cyber threats and other unintentional employee error, but also fraud prevention and detection.

  6. Our managed Governance, Risk and Compliance solution includes cyber security risk assessments, and audit, risk and compliance monitoring and management.

    Including this scope in your SOC solution provides assurance that you’re always in compliance with industry and national regulatory requirements and means you are continually addressing changing real-world risks. This service provides more robust results at a lower cost through the SOC’s centralised management and automation features.

  8. Cyber Sleuths on premise and remote SOC solutions monitor global, regional and local threat feeds; analyse user and network behaviour on both a near real-time and historical basis.

    Using a combination of threat intelligence, active defense measures and advanced big data analytics, our people and our software identify the “needles” of true threats from the “haystack” of flagged incidents.

    Ultimately, our ability to aggregate and fuse these data sources from inside and outside the organization helps the SOC generate actionable intelligence for denying, degrading and disrupting the full spectrum of advanced threats.

  10. Offering the most comprehensive support, the Cyber Sleuths on-premise SOC gives our experienced, trained and government-security cleared teams a direct view across your network. This ensures the most complete and most immediate access to what’s happening and allows the most rapid coordination and response to issues as they arise. This solution is ideal for organization with complex and high-risk network and cyber security requirements.

    This solution is characterised by services such as:

    • Intrusion monitoring, incident analysis, investigation and response
    • Security engineering, and operations and maintenance (O&M) of security technologies
    • Full-content network traffic monitoring and analysis
    • Collaboration with cyber centres and government cyber emergency response teams (CERTs)
    • Integrated cyber threat analysis
    • Insider-threat detection, investigation and mitigation
    • Remote SOC

    Delivered from Cyber Sleuths’s state-of-the art, next-generation facility, which once fully operational will feature some of the most advanced IT and cyber security infrastructure in the region, our remote SOC service means that our expert cyber security professionals have full 24/7 visibility across your network to monitor for attacks, anomalies, malicious or suspicious activity, and other threats to your data, systems and operations.

    • Remote monitoring, remediation and resolution
    • Advanced correlation analysis
    • Monitoring of security technologies
    • Governance, risk and compliance monitoring
    • Continuous vulnerability management
    • Advanced cyber network defence services
    • Hybrid Security Operations Centre
    • On-premises augmented SOC resources during core business hours leveraging your technology.
    • Remote SOC resources monitoring of your technologies after core business hours, weekends, and holidays.
    • Advanced Threat Intelligence Services.
    • Ad hoc and scheduled managed security services including Governance, Risk, and Compliance Monitoring Services and Vulnerability Assessment Services.


    From the CEO and Board to the CISO and CIO, we speak your language. We help governments, enterprises and critical infrastructure operators navigate the intersection of cyber security and business processes. Our 360-view across the cyber security environment means we advise on everything from strategy and planning to compliance, architecture design, procurement and implementation.

    Cyber Sleuths is a trusted advisor to enterprises and government entities.  We offer advisory services across a wide range of topics related to cyber security, including risk management, IT infrastructure and cyber defence in-depth.

    2. Key question answered: Given all the security risks and regulations, how do I know what my risks are and where I stand?

      After developing a keen understanding of your business requirements, Cyber Sleuths will assess your risk posture and put in place a mitigation plan that takes you from your current risk state to a mature risk state.  Cyber Sleuths performs an initial gap assessment and creates a dashboard that allows you to track progress toward the mature risk state. In addition, We help CISOs educate senior leadership on what’s required, using language that empowers CEOs and Board members to take informed decisions. If you don’t yet have a CISO, we can play that role for you on an interim or ongoing basis.

    3. Information Assurance
    4. The cyber threat landscape continues to broaden and become ever-more dangerous. Responding to these growing threats, regulations and standards continue to multiply and evolve. Companies find it more and more difficult to keep up with local, national, international, geographic-specific and industry-specific regulations.

      Key question answered: Regulations continue to change, how do I keep up and pass audits?

      Cyber Sleuths provides world-class expertise that can address all types of information assurance requirements – locally and globally. We are experts in industry-based compliance; our experts have helped develop global standards, and we’re also regional experts on the NESA Information Assurance standards.

    6. With the growing sophistication and persistence of cyber threats, cyber security is no longer enough. A more comprehensive, proactive and integrated cyber resilience is required. Cyber Sleuths can guide organisations through defence-in-depth solutions that not only layer security technologies, but add more active monitoring, analytics and forensics.

      Key questions answered: Am I protected? Do I have the correct defence-in-depth security strategy in place?

      With 360-degree expertise covering the entire cyber security environment, Cyber Sleuths has all the assets and capabilities to assess the cyber security posture of any organisation’s IT environment. We can architect and design a SOC or recommend enhancements to an existing SOC; we can design and build a secure communications solution, or help you harden an existing system; and we can work with you to create a cyber security strategy that includes policies and a defence-in-depth plan.

    8. The overlap between cyber security and IT performance provides an opportunity for organisations to implement an IT environment that not only delivers the critical security required today, but also unlocks business efficiency opportunities.

      Key questions answered: Do I have the correct IT infrastructure to be efficient and secure? Should I move to newer technologies such as cloud and big data?

      Understanding your business needs, Cyber Sleuths can bridge the gap between information technology and the business to make you more efficient and secure. After understanding your business, we perform an assessment of your current IT infrastructure and architect your next-generation solution.

    10. From hardware and IoT devices to operating systems and apps, there is a wide array of products, solutions, vendors and claims in the cyber security space, making it tough to sort through the marketing messages to find the right fit.

      Key questions answered:

      How do I know if this is the right technology for my organisation? Who can translate the marketing lingo and technical jargon into language I can understand? As a firm with no legacy technology preferences, Cyber Sleuths has a technology-agnostic view of the market, and a deep understanding of the vendor landscape and vendor capabilities. Through our technology partnerships with some of the world’s most respected technology firms, we help companies find the cyber security and IT solutions that best meets their needs.


    Our experts help you ensure compliance with regulations and global standards.

    Our experts help you ensure compliance with regulations and global standards, identify and address cyber risks, and implement cyber resilience platforms for smart cities and other smart organisations.

    Our experts have helped write national and international regulations and standards, making us uniquely positioned to help customers address all aspects governance, risk and compliance.

    We provide GRC Platform implementation, compliance and risk management services, and consulting on the development and modification of cyber and electronic threat regulations and standards.

    2. Cyber Sleuths works alongside organisations to conduct end-to-end and top-to-bottom risk assessments. Our proprietary GRC risk assessment and mitigation tool generates a detailed and comprehensive roadmap toward full compliance with all applicable regulations and international standards.

    4. Governments, industry regulators and other authorities can support economic growth and encourage foreign and domestic investment by putting in place rules and regulations that encourages strong and vigilant cyber security.

      Cyber Sleuths professionals have helped to develop cyber security regulations in major national jurisdictions and international standards. They bring this expertise to regional governments looking to put regulations in place to protect the vitality of their economies and their critical infrastructure.

      We also assist governments and regulators in creating industry-specific technical and cybersecurity related standards in vital sectors such as oil and gas, utilities and other infrastructure, financial services and health care.

    6. Compliance is not a check-the-box exercise for us at Cyber Sleuths, because we leverage the compliance process as an opportunity to identify an organisation’s cyber threat weaknesses, and implement mitigation strategies that will have a real impact on raising the defence posture through true business-level risk mitigation.

      Drawing on their previous experience developing global standards and national regulations, our compliance experts understand both the letter and spirit of these criteria, allowing for an efficient and effective process.

      Our sector experts range from oil and gas, power generation, and telecommunications to healthcare, transportation and logistics, giving us a clear roadmap of how compliance implementation and risk mitigation will look for each industry and client.

    8. To help customers address the increasing complexity of the cyber threat environment, overlaid by varying and evolving national and international standards and regulations, Cyber Sleuths provides industry leading GRC Platform implementations to enterprise and government customers.

      Integrating all key enterprise and regulatory metrics, our GRC Platforms simplify and organise each customer’s ongoing compliance and risk mitigation activities. This includes all business processes and data feeds from relevant technologies and covers all parts of the organisation that impact or can be impacted by cyber security issues and cyber threat abatement actions.

      Each Cyber Sleuths GRC platform implementation is custom made to the specific needs of the customer, incorporating all applicable geography, technology and industry specific standards and regulations.

      With all governance, risk and compliance issues presented in a clear and unified format, people with GRC responsibilities at various levels of the organisation can easily see all key metrics relevant to their roles, in a customised view that presents the information they need for their scope of responsibility.

    10. The GRC team helps smart cities, smart countries and smart enterprises identify cyber risks, develop resilient systems, and plan for effective remediation in the case of attack or disaster.

      The principle tool to achieve this is the Cyber Sleuths Cyber Resilience Platform. This tool recognises that in a smart city setting, with millions of connected personal mobile devices, sensors, systems and internet of things (IoT) gadgets, preventing a cyber-attack is virtually impossible. The goal, rather, is to build resilience into the system, so that attacks are identified early and their impacts are as mild as possible.

      The Resilience Platform works to identify key smart city operating entities (such as law enforcement, power & utilities, transportation, telecom, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, etc.), their services and the associated risks deriving from a breakdown in delivery of these services. This includes identifying the cascading impact of a breakdown in services at one entity across the entire smart city platform.


    Sophisticated cyber threats and stealthy assaults perpetrated by attackers today exploit the immaturity of the fractured nature of security solutions currently in use by many organisations. Cyber Sleuths’s Cyber Network Defence division provides sophisticated active defence solutions, including assessments, penetration testing, threat hunting, and incident

    2. Our Security Assessment teams offer a range of services to help identify and manage threats and vulnerabilities inside your environment. This includes prioritisation and mitigation planning and implementation.

    4. Our Vulnerability Assessment service works to reveal cyber security gaps and weaknesses in your applications, operating systems, networks, infrastructure, access points, hardware and systems. We then provide you with prioritised risk evaluations that offer a roadmap forward.

      Key features:

      • Sweeping assessment of an organisation’s technological environments to discover the widest breadth of vulnerabilities.
      • Technical assessment with results prioritised according to the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).
      • Testing methodology based on a combination of the Open Source Security Testing Manual(OSSTMM) standards and tailored customer requirements.
      • Combination of machine and manual testing techniques to provide deeper insights.
    6. Cyber Sleuths’s Penetration Testing service evaluates the robustness of an organisation’s current security posture by simulating real-world attack scenarios. Specific rules of engagement are established with the organisation to protect business continuity during testing.

      We provide risk evaluations for the chained exploitation paths related to each vulnerability

      Penetration test types:

      • External: attempted breaches from outside an organisation’s perimeter security.
      • Internal: attacks perpetrated by internal threats.
      • Wireless: attacks directed at wireless technologies and networks.
      • Web and Mobile Applications: malicious acts leveraging technological or logical weaknesses or flaws in web and mobile formats.
    8. Our Source Code Review service uses a combination of machine and manual analysis techniques to detect security defects early in the software development lifecycle. This can deliver significant development cost savings and overall higher-quality apps. Our review service covers web, mobile, and desktop applications, web services and firmware.

      Key features:

      • Customised private auditing tools covering all major programming languages and development frameworks.
      • Testing methodology targeting all of the technical and logical flaws described by OWASP Top 10 Web Security Risks and OWASP Testing Guide.
      • Testing methodology incorporating CERT Coding Standards as a guide for detecting security gaps in the actual implementation.
      • Option to combine source code review with dynamic testing to extend the validation cycle and enhance bug detection capabilities
    10. Designed for the most critical and sensitive industrial control systems (ICS) environments, our ICS Security Assessment combines proprietary methodology and technology and both machine and manual tools to deliver vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of networks, field bus, systems, applications and other ICS elements.

      Key features:

      • Detailed threat modelling and scoping to cover peripheral attack vectors against ICS.
      • Security assessment of ICS components (DCS, PLCs, RTUs, HMIs, Data Diodes, Data Historians).
      • State-of-the-art fuzzing and reverse engineering techniques to identify vulnerabilities

      • Assessment of relevant physical security
    12. Our Cyber Incident Response teams take immediate action in the critical early moments of any breach to identify, triage, mitigate, and resolve cyber incidents that threaten your data assets and ongoing business operations.

      We complement this urgent response with digital forensics and malware analysis to better understand the attack and protect for the future, and offer readiness planning to prepare organisations before they are breached.

      Crisis Mode:

      We offer two models of support to organisations facing an ongoing breach.

      Full-Service Emergency Critical Response Team – Offering end-to-end management and crisis communication, our analysts, malware specialists and forensic experts triage issues and take immediate action to help you contain and mitigate the effects of a breach.

      Consulting Team – Our experts support your in-house team to augment incident response capabilities, ranging from threat identification to remediation.

    13. Readiness Planning
    14. Our Readiness Planning service helps you prepare to respond to a cyber attack by building a tailored response programme that is realistically executable based on your people, processes and technologies.

      Key feature:

      • Comprehensive audit of your baseline incident response capabilities and plans to assess whether your people are equipped with the right tools and procedures
      • Incident scenarios and exercises, standard or customised, to test your incident response plan.
      • Table-top exercises to evaluate tools, procedures and resources in realistic scenarios to identify gaps in current plans
    15. Compromise Assessment
    16. Cyber Sleuths’s Compromise Assessment service proactively and iteratively searches networks and endpoints to detect and respond to threats that evade traditional rule- or signature-based security solutions.

      The assessment leverages both manual and machine-assisted techniques with the goal of finding the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) of advanced adversaries and cyber criminals. The outcome delivers detailed information to help you eliminate threats from your environment.

    17. Threat Hunting
    18. This process involves the proactive, aggressive and methodical discovery and pursuit of known threats based on indicators of compromise (IoCs) and the detection of unknown malicious behaviour. Any IoCs are disrupted and/or eradicated and critical infrastructure is secured.

      Key features:

      • Network Compromise Assessment: interception of network traffic between client network and the internet for analysis of IoCs.
      • Host Compromise Assessment: review of systems supported within a host-based enterprise for analysis of IOCs.
      • Behavioural analysis of network traffic: outliers identified that indicate the presence of malicious activity
      • In-depth technical breakdown: details of all malicious artefacts and compromised systems, including suggested remediation actions.
      • Threat actor and activity summary: details of the who and why behind any malicious activity identified within the organisation, where attribution and assessment of the threat can be measured with high confidence.
    20. The Project Zero service provides the most robust challenge available to test the strength of an organisation’s end-to-end information security programme. Mimicking the behaviour of malicious actors, our specialised strike teams conduct exercises involving active attack scenarios designed to target all components of an organisation’s security program.

      Like a real attacker, our teams seek out weaknesses across an organisation’s technologies, business processes and security protocols, personnel, and the physical security of an organisation.

      Project Zero delivers:

      • Authentic attack environment: exercises seek to breach an organisation’s security measures and gain unauthorised access to critical assets.
      • Ultimate black box execution: cyber attack goals and markers of success are not provided to organisation ahead of time, thereby simulating real-world attack scenarios.
      • Expert strike teams: our white-hat hackers draw on advances competences across multiple security and industry domains and disciplines.
      • Security protocols targeted: all likely points of failure in cyber technologies and systems are challenged.
      • Social engineering probed: personnel are tested with all types of social engineering attacks, from generic to customised whaling.
      • Physical security challenged: all points of digital-physical intersection, e.g., RFI card cloning and unauthorised entry, are tested.
      • Full post-exercise analysis: actionable reports detailing detection and response capabilities.
    22. Drawing on intelligence from local and international Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTS), leading research and academic institutions, Internet Storm Centres, and Incident of Threat notification platforms around the world, we analyse and consolidate emerging trends and developments in cybercrime to help us understand threat vectors, attack scenarios and attack geolocations.

      We analyse attack types and the cybercriminals behind them, using this intelligence to shape short-term remedial responses and build long-term network resilience for our clients.

      Key features:

      • Advanced Threat Intelligence – We provide high value, enriched, contextualised real-time visibility of threats and threat actors specifically for unique targets, assets or identities.
      • Malware and Reverse Engineering – We unravel the most advance persistent and human morphia threats by deconstructing payloads line by line, whether delivered to desktops, servers or mobile devices.


    24. Cyber Architecture and Engineering empowers its clients to achieve their business goals with network and system integration projects that are efficient in design and operation, are delivered on time and to budget, and provide added value to the business operations as part of the assessment and design process.

      We deliver secure mission-critical networks and systems that afford peace of mind, leaving organisations free to operate and manage their operations across a strong and secure network infrastructure.

      Our Cyber Architecture and Engineering services are distilled into three core areas; technical architecture, implementation, and project management.

      Because we are vendor neutral, we have the flexibility to work with every customer’s existing infrastructure and have knowledge covering the full vendor spectrum. This means we can recommend the right IT infrastructure for each project.

      We have extensive capabilities and expertise across all types of security projects, including secure landline, secure mobile, secure news, secure email, secure email encryption, secure chat, secure storage, secure content vetting, secure calendar and secure site implementations.

      We also provide a range of consulting services, including virtual, network, critical facilities and IT security assessments; and desktop, Office, Windows, and Exchange migrations.


    We are specialized in Digital Forensics and Information Security Services Company. We helps Enterprises to identify, prevent, detect, resolve, and protect their critical data from threats, crimes, frauds, and acts of terrorism arising due to vast proliferation and usage of Digital, Communication applications and artefacts in their personal and professional lives. We also provide assistance for legal enforcement to customers.


    Getting a lab set up will only be a motivation towards elaborated investigation of digital forensic evidences. One of the key factors for setting up a cyber-lab is exploring more about the new generation digital crime cases a pattern of which has changed over the past years. The sophisticated yet advanced level of cyber-attacks taking place currently comprises of many layers requiring levels of analysis consequently. One Cyber Lab, Many Purposes !

    With your own Cyber Lab setup, precisely investigating an entire range of digital forensic cases is possible under one roof. Starting from Computer forensics, Mobile forensics, Network forensics, to even the latest; Cloud forensics; all cases can be undertaken and investigated with the help of a fully equipped Cyber Lab.


    We not only help you set up a cyber-forensic lab, but offer you with the best grade of our hardware, software, services, data transmission accessories, and forensically beneficial devices for a specialized digital forensics. These essential components add up to your experience towards forensic investigation of digital data evidence available in the forms of hard disks, flash drives, RAM, circuits, or even cloud storage. While most of the equipments we supply are to help in evidence analysis, others offer preservation and prevention of evidence tampering.

    • Hardware Devices
    • Software Applications
    • Evidence Collection Accessories
    • Evidence Preservation Devices
    • Digital Data Investigation Kits
    • Other hardware Assemblage Tools
    • The Data Transmission Cables / Connectors
    • Computer Forensics
    • Network Forensics
    • Mobile Devices Forensics
    • Digital Image Forensics
    • Digital Video/Audio Forensics
    • Memory Forensics
    • Harassment via e-mails
    • Dissemination of obscene material
    • Defamation
    • Indecent exposure
    • Financial frauds and crimes
    • Sale of illegal articles
    • Voyeurism
    • Cheating and Fraud
    • Compromised Customer data
    • Intellectual Property Crimes
    • Possession of unauthorized information
    • Cyber terrorism against government organization
    • Distribution of Pirated Software
    • Pornography
    • Unauthorized disclosure of internal and confidential information
    • Imaging : Forensic imaging of data held on exhibit
    • Analysis: Setup and conduct a comprehensive forensic analysis in order to assess the key points to crucial for investigation. This may include: Keyword searches; Examination of internet artefacts (including history, bookmarks, messaging and social media); Analysis of electronic document files (including Microsoft Office documents).
    • Reporting: We will report our findings in writing. Our reports contain precise, jargon-free language, supported by a glossary of terms, and appendices covering technical material.


    Often Security is breached despite the fact that the latest perimeter defenses are in place. Why? An employee may simply plug a USB stick in which claims to contain Amazon vouchers, brought their own infected device into the corporate network, clicked on a malicious PDF or simple visited a malware website as he/she thought the email instruction to click on that link came from her manager. Could your staff be tricked that way? Our Social Engineering services can find out.


    Have you heard about the dark web? This is where a lot of illegal hacking activities take place. Has any of your confidential business data leaked out already? Are hackers planning to attack your business? Have you unintentionally shared too much information with Google? We provide you high-class reports around threats concerning your business. Reports can be delivered as a one time off or on a regular recurring basis.

    Computer Emergency Response Team

    Limit the impact of security breaches and identify cyber threats: our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) helps companies identify and respond to cyber risks.

    It collaborates with Security Operations Center teams to establish detection rules and coordinate responses.

    2. Your business assets are at risk from an escalation in cyber-attacks

      The contextual analysis of these attacks has never been more important as security breaches targeting key business assets have the potential to impact your bottom line and reputation. Traditional security tools can no longer counter these threats. Our CERT puts them into context and is an essential and strategic activity for informing and protecting your enterprise.

    4. Our Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) provides a range of services to protect business assets from growing cyber threats and to formulate an appropriate response once threats are identified. We target potential risks specific to each customer’s environment through the following services:

      • Vulnerability and cyber threat monitoring
      • Threat intelligence:
      • Forensics and digital investigation
      • Malware analysis


    The way the app works is that users can report crimes in progress and anything else they spot that concerns them, and those locations and incidents are then automatically shown to other users in the area.

    When a crime is reported, App sends a message to security when used within the vicinity , and dials 911 when used elsewhere. You also have the option of sending a non-emergency alert to police when you see something that concerns you but which doesn’t justify an immediate emergency response – such as a bunch of street lights out, leaving a path in darkness.

    If you have to make a journey that concerns you, you can specify your route and ETA and allow family and friends to follow your journey remotely, raising the alarm if you go off-route or don’t reach your destination when expected.

    Finally, the app has a ‘yank’ mode, which automatically sends an alert if headphones are forcibly pulled from the device, such as when your phone is snatched by a thief.


    Courses that we offer to the public, our clients and government departments focus on various areas of IT governance, risk, information security and cyber security. These courses vary in complexity and are tailored to suit any level of employee regardless of industry or organization.

    1. Specialist Government and Industry Training Programs
    2. Training programs for the banking and government sectors. Based on specific industry or country needs, we are able to structure a course tailored to your specific requirements.

    3. Tailored Training Programs for Companies – Executives or OPERATIONAL AREAS
    4. Focused cyber training courses (ranging from 1 to 4 hours in length) for board members and executives. We then run more detailed operational courses for line management and GRC/IT teams so that the entire management team understands their roles to support the organization.

Course Name
Course A: Cyber Crime Course For Police
Course B: Linux Forensics
Course C: Mobile Forensics
Course D: Network Forensics – Advanced
Course E: Network Forensics Fundamentals
Course F: Networking and Cyber Security Basics
Course G: Windows Forensics – Advanced
Course H: Windows Forensics Fundamentals
Course I: Threat Intelligence and OSINT
Course J: Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering
Course K: Network Security