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Who We Serve


Vara Infotech has a wide range of experience in providing IT services to our customers across industries. We offer solutions and services that help our customers to achieve operational excellence, reduce business risks and resolve critical challenges specific to their model of business. Vara Infotech, with our technical expertise and technological proficiency enables our customers to succeed amidst aggressive competition.

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our organizational excellence. We enable our customers across industry verticals to combat challenges in today’s global marketplace.

Vara United’s innovative solution offering helps customer to successfully resolve the complex problems. Industries we serve include:


The Infrastructure industry is currently faced with enormous challenges due to the size and complexity of projects, shorter turnaround time, increased competition and instability in material prices. All these challenges culminate in increased dependency on technology as an enabler to bring efficiency and meet customer expectations. Vara United’s domain-specific solutions enable our clients to lower risks while ensuring better cost control and improved margins.


The Retail industry manifests highly dynamic trends with constantly emerging opportunities and challenges that must be addressed. In order to keep pace with the fast-changing environment of the retail industry, technology plays a very crucial role. Vara Infotech offers a range of products which address the specific business needs of the retail industry, both in the B2B and B2C domains.


Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) is increasingly gaining prominence to reduce the complexity of global operational platforms by consolidating processes, applications and technology infrastructure. With emerging technologies an entire new gamut of IT opportunities are flourishing globally. Automation of various processes has become the order of the day to attain operational efficiency and to stand-out amidst fiercest competition. Vara Infotech, being an IT company, capitalizes on its core competencies and strengths in the ITES domain.


Vara United is constantly endeavoring to adopt innovative approaches to meet the growing expectations of the Energy sector. All our expertise in the energy and utility sector is dedicated to creating a secure and sustainable system in the face of emerging economies. We develop and implement energy solutions which ensure cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction and optimal business performance.


With increasing regulatory norms, security requirements and competition to provide superior levels of customer service, the BFSI industry is facing colossal challenges. In order to increase operational efficiencies in such a challenging environment, there is an increasing demand for an integrated application. Vara Infotech, over the years has developed a range of solutions which addresses the challenges of the BFSI industry.


Due to severe competition and challenging economic conditions, manufacturers are trying to reduce their operational cost, concentrating more on process improvement, increasing focus on optimal utilization of existing resources, while maintaining the product quality and complying with the regulatory norms. Automation of business processes and availability of real-time data from each line of business to employees is central to achieving this outcome. Vara Infotech is making huge investments to pursue innovative product development ideas to discover cutting edge solutions to exceed customer expectation.